“No-one’s baked you a cake shaped like the internet…”

Randall Munroe at Google. (Guest appearance by Donald Knuth, who appears to be a fan. Of course.)


“What’s the one with the rose petals?”

How not to start an interview.

“It’s just like any other day at the Play House: Peewee Herman opens a crate, out pops Grace Jones.”

And that’s just December 5th. The Word Magazine advent calendar.

Doctor Who: Flight of the darned

Five Second Movies

Too busy to watch films? No problem! I particulatly enjoyed The Big Lebowski and all of Harry Potter.

Make your own robot dalek pumpkin

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Video here, instructions here.

Subculture vs subculture

Furries and Klingons: the bowling match. Soundtrack by ELO. (Via Mr Hogblog)