The Colbert Report Report

there was no significant difference between the groups in thinking Colbert was funny, but conservatives were more likely to report that Colbert only pretends to be joking and genuinely meant what he said while liberals were more likely to report that Colbert used satire and was not serious when offering political statements


“Somewhere, somehow, Tom Baker’s Dr. Who is missing a companion”

Not a perspective on Gail Trimble I had previously considered.


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“Giant bats would be awesome”

Better than the gun leg?

009-1 (ゼロゼロナイン・ワン Zero Zero Nine-One) is a spy-fi anime series based off of a manga series by famous manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori. It was first broadcast on TBS TV in Japan in October 2006. The original manga was named 009ノ1 (“Zero Zero Ku-no-ichi”; a pun on kunoichi and a reference to the main character’s occupation as a spy) and was serialized in Weekly Manga Action from 1967 to 1970, then returned briefly in 1974. It concerns Miléne Hoffman (ミレーヌ・ホフマン Mirēnu Hofuman; “Mylene” in the ADV translation), a female cyborg with machine gun breasts who works as a secret agent.

Brought to my attention by an advert on Facebook. (“She’s the super sexy spy … that will do anything for the mission”, apparently.)

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Make your own robot dalek pumpkin

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Video here, instructions here.

Sarah Jane vs The Slitheen

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