JesusBot is among us; repent of thy sins

Robot that can walk on water. Probably makes breaded fishfingers too.



“The machine isn’t that strong, much less so than a muscular man. Even women should be able to beat it,” company spokesman Ayano Sakiyama told AP news agency.

Die Puny Humans

I have worked in artificial intelligence for decades, and the idea of a robot making decisions about human termination is terrifying. Policymakers seem to have an understanding of AI that lies in the realms of science fiction and myth.

Noel Sharkey on Robotic Warfare at The Guardian

“Accessibility, Section 508, the whole nine yards….”

Multiple gay Bloggie winner Ernie of Little Yellow Different has restored all his wonderful archive posts, which means you can read about the two types of web developers (borderline NSFW, I suppose. Also, do not read while drinking anything.)

Extreme origami

Via Ted on withboots, an astounding paper dragon made from a two metre square piece of paper. More on computer-aided origami here.

Warning: do not hit people in the face with the WiiMote

The Japanese Wii Safety Manual includes some useful safety tips. How else would I know not to step on the WiiMote, chew the wiring, or stick a shamrock in the air vents?

As we approach the washing-machine singularity…

…we must beware.