JesusBot is among us; repent of thy sins

Robot that can walk on water. Probably makes breaded fishfingers too.


Someone’s got some catching up to do

Number of people killed in the Old Testament by God

Number of people killed in the Old Testament by Satan


Children’s pajamas inspired by Ephesians 6:10?

They are, of course, the Armor of God PJs. [via John Shirley]

One lamb=two turtles=two young pigeons

I’m fascinated by the the blog the Bible project, because really, who wants to read Numbers when you can read a blog that gives you the gist? [1] Leviticus, on the other hand, is clearly the best book in the Bible. The blogger agrees:

Leviticus wanders way off into Weirdistan. As in: What to do when you have an infection in your clothes. These clothing ailments, according to Leviticus, are exactly the same as the skin diseases earlier in Chapter 13. If your shirt suddenly develops “an eruptive affection,” then the priest must be called to examine it, quarantine it, and diagnose it.

1: Disclosure: I spent many years in Catechism where we had to do many dull things like memorize books of the Bible. For years I was petrified that turning around in church meant the devil could get my soul. I’m sure the memorizing is why. Possibly the evil nuns, too.

“The Three Cs”

There are just four Shakers left in the world, living at Sabbathday Lake in Maine:

Because they are celibate, the Shakers rely on converts to keep their community going and say they receive up to 70 inquiries a year. To those interested, they send out literature and correspondence. Many inquirers are attracted to the romantic notion of the simple life espoused in chic, urban publications like Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple. “We’re looking for people . . . who feel that they are being called by God to a higher life,” Hadd says. “Most of these people we never hear back from.”

What kind of mansion will you get?

I got sucked into browsing this site when I stumbled across this:

Timelines are a great way to make a quick check of historical events and trends.

Because the following areas relate so closely to Bible prophecy, I’ve decided they needed their own timeline.

My favorite timeline documents the marriages of Elizabeth Taylor.

The site also answers important questions like “Is an EU constitution a sign of the Antichrist coming to power?”

But my favorite part of the site is the photoessay illustrating what sort of mansions people will have when they get to heaven.