I can’t believe we didn’t already have a category…

… for periodic tables.

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2 Responses to “I can’t believe we didn’t already have a category…”

  1. Tom Says:

    Also, having examined that table, it sadly falls into the category of Things Other Than Elements Which Are Arranged Without Any Apparent Logic, since although he makes a vague gesture towards grouping classes of font together, because “unfortunately, the typefaces could not be sorted exactly numerically on the table while at the same time keeping them in groups of families and classes. It had to be one or the other. Of course it COULD have been done but I would have had to seriously sacrifice aesthetics of the overall design (i.e. it wouldn’t have come out looking AT ALL like a traditional periodic table.)” In other words, “I am a designer, and so a dickhead who is more concerned with form than meaning”.

    Which doesn’t stop it being neat.

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