How To Talk To Girls On Buses

Tonight, saw Ian McDonald used as a pick-up.

Night. The bus. Enter the quiet, bookish boy with the soft skin, neat hair and trimmed beard. Brown. Head down, he stalks the bus aisle, coming to a stop at the very last standing position at the very back of the bus. Near me.

I’m sitting so that his book is in line with my hair line, I guess, but it’s thick enough I can’t see the cover. What I do is catch a glimpse of the name Ian McDonald on the top of a page. I crane my neck entirely, I realise later, unselfconsciously, trying to see *which* Ian McDonald he has. It’s a pretty thick book, & I’ve got a hunch —

Want to know how it ends? Here’s the rest.

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One Response to “How To Talk To Girls On Buses”

  1. Geneva Says:

    Ooh, that reminds me about one of my panel ideas for Year of the Teledu – Pick-Up Books: which titles have you used to hook a potential love interest?

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