Pining for the fjords persuades a pair of Nigerian email scammers to re-enact the dead parrot sketch from Monty Python. Of course, they put it up on YouTube.


I’m betting this is an improvement over the real thing

Joss Whedon directs The Office.

How’s your love life?

Better than Lois Lane. I bet. (But if you did marry the devil, you should probably tell me all about it.)

Schiff’s Law of Continuity

Interview in the Indie:

Spencer’s death was the nadir in a difficult endgame for Schiff and The West Wing. His episodes, and many of his colleagues’, were cut – “Purely a financial decision,” he says. “We were expensive actors.” He felt let down by the scriptwriters.

“I was sad for the show,” he says. “I hated my storyline. Toby would never in 10 million years have betrayed the president in that fashion [in the seventh series, Toby is indicted for leaking classified information]. Even if he had, there would have been seven episodes’ worth of fights before he did it… In the end, the only way I could make sense of my story was to come up with my own story – that Toby was covering for someone else. That, at least, made sense to me.”

So, who was Toby covering for? “I don’t think I should ever reveal that.”

More Life on Mars … sort of

YA RLY, apparently:

Fear not, fans of John Simm drama Life on Mars, about to start its second – and final – series. Monkey hears that plans are afoot for a further time-travelling show featuring another police officer catapulted back from the future to Philip Glenister’s cop shop. Except this time round it’s a few years later – the 1980s rather than the 1970s – and there will be a new soundtrack, new cop car (Sierra rather than Cortina?) and a new title: why, Ashes to Ashes, of course. And it may even be a woman officer who goes back in time, which will presumably annoy DCI Gene Hunt even more. Less Sweeney, more Juliet Bravo, perhaps.

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