Of the many types of facial hair available, one of the more unusual is the neckbeard. Once sported by famous historical figures such as Richard Wagner and Abraham Lincoln (who grew his at the suggestion of an 11 year old girl), more recently it was seen on NFL quarterback Kyle Orton, prompting an internet campaign to get him to shave it off. Anyone contemplating growing a neckbeard should beware of the unforseen hazards of neckbeard ownership.


2 Responses to “Beardblogging”

  1. Farah Says:

    I know this as a wreath beard. Edward James sported one for thirty years.

  2. Tom Says:

    Farah: I read that as ‘wrath beard’. And that was *before* i read Niall’s god chargesheet link. NOMENCLATURE APPROVED.

    Liz: Kyle Orton link is missing.

    Also, how amused are we that Kyle Orton plays for the Bears?

    — tom

    PS I do not mention my own attempt at underbeardiness since everyone who might care has seen it. And, frankly, would probably rather not be reminded.

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