Wintry fun

Try this bell-ringing game, where you control an adorable bunny rabbit who flies high in the sky ringing bells and bounding around. And no, he doesn’t go splat when he hits the ground again.

(My top score to beat – 2,760. EDIT: 15,400! I rule.)


8 Responses to “Wintry fun”

  1. Niall Says:

    17730! And now I’m really going to bed.

  2. Talvalin Says:

    19410! Not that I’m competive or anything.

  3. Talvalin Says:


  4. Niall Says:

    You’re supposed to post successively higher scores … ;-)

  5. Talvalin Says:

    Look at the number of digits again my friend.

    New score: 345150

  6. Niall Says:

    You have way too much free time. :p

  7. Niall Says:

    38250 is apparently the best I can manage for now. Bah.

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