You can’t take the sky from me

A massively multiplayer online role playing gameset in the Firefly universe has been announced. I am unconvinced it will make a good MMORPG, because the appeal of Firefly was never the worldbuilding, but I’ll be interested to see what they make of it.

(Unfortunately , the firefly convention mentioned in the Wired report has since been cancelled at the last minute, leaving many fans out of pocket.)


2 Responses to “You can’t take the sky from me”

  1. Iain Clark Says:

    Intriguing, but I agree that it’s hard to see the appeal, really. It’s particularly hard to imagine it getting massive subscriptions unless Firefly was secretly a big hit and no-one told me.

  2. hoggy Says:

    Let’s take a series known largely for witty dialogue and characters and make a MMORPG.


    Good news on the FF convention though, actors turned up for partying anyway. Hooray!

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