NBC have put every episode of Heroes online. (via)

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Wintry fun

Try this bell-ringing game, where you control an adorable bunny rabbit who flies high in the sky ringing bells and bounding around. And no, he doesn’t go splat when he hits the ground again.

(My top score to beat – 2,760. EDIT: 15,400! I rule.)

Lehrer that’s new to me.

After a quick visit to the Tom Lehrer page on Wikipedia, I’ve stumbled accross a whole slew of Tom Lehrer material from 1951/52 which is quite staggering (but must have been on the blogosphere somewhere before) and not just thanks to the poor quality of the surviving audio.

My personal favourite is There’s a Delta For Every Epsilon but the whole lot are rather nice.

It’s also a good time to visit YouTube and marvel at some of The Electric Company videos currently posted.

The Most Dangerous Toys of All Time

Only 8 days till Christmas!

If you are stuck for gift inspiration for your loved ones, why not try Dave Barry’s Holiday Gift Guide? These suggestions will guarantee that next year, you will have less loved ones you need to buy presents for.

(Previous installments here and here.)

The Art of the Mouseover

A friend pointed out that over at Gwenda’s my blog has a mouseover of “sweetness and light.” I also learned that John Klima knows his way around a Lush store, Greg van Eekhout fears giant squid, Christopher Barzak is is taking us all to his love shack, baby, and our humble blog is the cheesiest, accept no substitutes.

Shame to those who stoop to practical, informative mouseovers when you can have ones like my absolute favorite over at Making Light. (I want a pygmy mammoth, too.)

Where’s your favorite mouseover?

Guess the Show

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