GoldenEye High

Surprisingly good.

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4″ of adorably intelligent fun


Kitty has reached critical mass

The internet is overflowing with pictures of cats. Here are some cats. Here are some more cats. Here are even more cats, and if you get bored of those here is an image macro search engine for all your internet argument needs.

(Don’t like cats? Here is broccoli dog.)

How do you give a lego bride a proper bosom?

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Tom Baker Blogs

And I think it’s genuine:

asically, I’m going to talk about love. Not romantic love, or Courtney Love, whoever she is, but something much more permanent. You see, unlike human love, fan love is superior because it doesn’t fade. So when people stop me in the street and tell me, ‘I love you Tom’, I understand perfectly well what they mean. So we squeeze one another, we embrace, and then on we go. Very satisfying for everyone involved, I think!

Rumble in the Concrete Jungle

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