Adjectives Fail Me. Again.

Via James Nicoll: Teddybabes, meet Teddy babes. (If the main page for the latter doesn’t make you want to disown your species, the FAQ will probably do the trick.)

Suggestions for appropriate tags for this post would be welcomed.


9 Responses to “Adjectives Fail Me. Again.”

  1. chance Says:

    I’ve made a “creepy plush things” tag – problem solved!

  2. Niall Says:

    Somehow that just doesn’t seem to go far enough.

  3. chance Says:

    How about “things too perverted for the town pervert” or “yet another reason women plan to become a separate species as soon as possible”

  4. Tom Says:

    This is completely unbelievable.

    I mean, seven hundred dollars? That’s absurd.

    Tag suggestion: “fuck-muppets”.

    — tom

  5. Tom Says:

    Also, when women become a separate species, will you take the greetings cards with babies on them with you? They freak me out.

    — tom

  6. Niall Says:

    Tag suggestion: “fuck-muppets”

    Seedy and descriptive. That’s what we like about you, Tom.

  7. Tom Says:

    What? It’s what they are. The term combines precision and economy. Just add the damn tag.

    — tom

  8. Tom Says:

    Also, whilst looking for evidence of prior use of the term, i came across the delightful word ‘cuntsock’. I suggest that this be used to refer to the, er, ultra-silky plush insert.

    — tom

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