Turf Wars

Ooh, handbags:

At first glance it seems that this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry has gone to a biologist. Roger Kornberg at Stanford University, California, won the prize for unravelling the mysteries of transcription — getting information out of DNA and into proteins via RNA
Unofficial mutterings from chemistry department corridors confirm some surprise at the choice of recipient. “It is certainly on the biological side of biochemistry,” says Malcolm Green, an inorganic chemist from the University of Oxford, UK.

I’m not impressed by the way they cite “bloggers”, though. You’re online: you can link!


2 Responses to “Turf Wars”

  1. truecatachresis Says:

    chemistry fundamentalists

    Where do I sign up to become one? Do we have to manufacture our own explosives for suicide bombings? Presumably, a standard fertilizer-based bomb would get you ridiculed.

  2. Tom Says:

    Fuck chemists.

    The Nobel prizes are for physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine, and then some other stuff. There isn’t a biology prize, and there isn’t a biochemistry prize – so the long-standing tradition is that biology and biochemistry gets split between chemistry and medicine.

    Oh, you don’t like that, chemists? Tell you what – if one of you discovers something – anything! – worthwhile, you get the prize. In the mean time, fuck you.

    — tom

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