The Path to 9/11 is paved with factual errors

Tonight, ABC will be showing The Path to 9/11, a dramatization of the supposed run-up to 9/11, based on the 9/11 Commission Report and other sources.

One slight problem? It’s not a dramatization so much as a work of fiction, with some scenes entirely fabricated in the filmmaker’s heads.
Two FBI agents who were asked to take advisory roles on the film declined:

“There were some of the scenes that were total fiction,” said Mr. Nicoletti, who served as a supervisory special agent and a member of the joint terrorism task force before retiring in 2003. “I told them unless they were changing this, I could not have my name associated with it.”

A letter from Bill Clinton’s lawyer:

The drama leads viewers to believe that National Security Advisor Sandy Berger told the CIA that he would not authorize them to take a shot at bin Laden. This is complete fiction and the event portrayed never happened.

Of course, the letter is based on reports from other people, since no copies were available for the people portrayed in the film to view.

Even star Harvey Keitel has problems with it:

Q: Do you feel that anything should be changed in this film?

Keitel: Yes I do. This is a tough issue.

You can compile certain things as long as the truth remains the truth. You can’t put things together, compress them and then distort the reality.

This is a film Scholastic were preparing to distribute to schools as an educational tool, and it’s factually, demonstrably incorrect.

It’s showing on BBC2 this evening and the next. The BBC Feedback form is here.


2 Responses to “The Path to 9/11 is paved with factual errors”

  1. Liz Says:

    This Australian trailer is touting it as the “official true story”.

  2. Redesigning the stable door after the horse has bolted « Big Blog of Cheese Says:

    […] As a followup to Liz’s post about The Path to 9/11, see this:: People might be interested to know, though, that the furore over the tone and inaccuracies of the film has made an impact. It was being cut and re-edited right up to yesterday afternoon, which is why we’re so late in subtitling it – we didn’t get the final cut of tonight’s show until this morning, and we’re not 100% sure that it IS the final cut. […]

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