Science Fiction and Leftism

This is just … well, go see for yourself.

In college and thereafter I started to think more about politics, and noticed several predominant streams of thought in SF which would be considered ‘liberal’ in our comtemporary political climate. I wondered if they might have some contribution to the wide embrace of “liberal” ideas, which, at the time, puzzled me.

The seven leftist trends he identifies are: The Misunderstood Villain; Moral “Evolution”; Atheism; Globalism; Child-Worship; Moral and Cultural Relativism; and Free Love. But why, you ask? Why are these so prevalent in sf?

SF is fine as a form of entertainment — in small doses, especially. I think it’s probably a fundamentally ‘adolescent’ genre, which might explain some of these trends, and why it can be, when done properly, so much fun.


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One Response to “Science Fiction and Leftism”

  1. Neuromancer Says:

    Some ned flanders wierd american

    there are some obvious parallels the caves of steel and the civil rights movement for example.

    He will have to be carefull about the comment that SF doesn’t make a good religion the sceintologists will be after him

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