Lost in Translation

As TNH says, here are thirteen movie posters redone in the style of Russian Medieval manuscripts. Some questions: what’s the deal with the cup and the fish in #4? What movies do #s 5, 9, 10, 11, and 12 represent? And in #9, where is that guy taking his USB key from?

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9 Responses to “Lost in Translation”

  1. hoggy Says:

    12 is War of the Worlds.

  2. grahamsleight Says:

    No, I guessed that one, which is #13 by my count. 12 is the one with the serpent-thingy mugging the maiden.

  3. Abigail Says:

    I’m not sure about either one of these, but 11 might be Farenheit 451 and 12 could be Anaconda.

    A fish makes a certain amount of sense for Gollum (and he may even offer one to Frodo at some point in the story), but I’m stumped by the cup.

  4. Ian Says:

    5 is Crocodile Gena (related to 1, Cheburashka), 9 could be Mission Impossible, 10 might be Trainspotting, 11 is almost certainly Fahrenheit 451, 12 is probably Anaconda. Gollum eats raw fish, this is made quite clear at several points in the book; I have no idea what the cup is all about, though.

  5. grahamsleight Says:

    Ian: I assumed 1 was King Kong, but I bow to your superior knowledge on this. I know Gollum eats fish, of course, but I don’t remember a scene so closely resembling the Monty Python fish-slapping dance….

  6. truecatachresis Says:

    Maybe it’s this cup. Or it could just be to clarify the point that the raw fish is supposed to be a meal? A better question is surely why is Spiderman pouring a drink with his new ass-hands?

  7. truecatachresis Says:

    Hmm, that same cup is the one that Spiderman is using, and that Chewbacca is serving with a pickle to Luke Skywalker.

    (What the hell is up with pickles recently?

  8. Tom Says:

    Would passing this on to Mike count as cheating?

    — tom

  9. tim Says:

    surely 9 is the matrix?

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