All fun and games until someone loses an eye

Tim Kirk, Chairman of Convoy (the 2007 British Eastercon) on Those Stories about the hotel’s security, and the resulting possibility of having to cancel the con:

We will be making a site visit before Novacon, and unless we are satisfied that the conditions in our contract have been met, we will address the concerns about security of those potential members of the convention who have not yet paid for membership, by cancelling our use of the Adelphi on security grounds. At that point we shall be forced to cancel the Eastercon and refund all membership payments, which if we don’t have a large enough membership by then we will have to do anyway for financial reasons.

No, we are not joking. We are taking it as seriously as that. We have looked for other hotels, but they seem simply financially unviable at this point. If anyone can find us a hotel of a similar size that is empty over the Easter weekend in 2007, and offers a similar rate for function space, bedrooms and food, we would be interested to hear about their findings.

As we see it, there are now three possible outcomes to this situation:

1) We get what we have contracted from the Adelphi, and enough members to make it viable, and have ourselves a Convoy.

2) The Adelphi is unable to demonstrate to us that it has fully addressed all our security concerns, and we are forced cancel Convoy.

3) The Adelphi does its bit, but we have too few members to be able to fill the hotel to the level required in the contract, and we are forced to cancel Convoy.


4 Responses to “All fun and games until someone loses an eye”

  1. Niall Says:

    Speaking of convention news:

    On another note, I should mention that the buzz about next year’s Worldcon in Japan is that the professionals, especially the US publishers and editors, sound disinclined to go. For expense reasons. The buzz is that the hardcore fans will go, to maintain their clannish annual connection, but that the US pro and semipro community will likely choose the ’07 World Fantasy Con, scheduled for upstate New York, to hold their annual convocation.


  2. hoggy Says:

    All fun and games until someone loses an eye

    Or drowns in a pool. What with the publicity about being Crime Alley and the racism charges at a dismissal tribunal, I think they’re just trying to get a new series out of the BBC.

  3. Liz Says:

    That’s not a new statement about Convoy, and I’m pretty sure I’ve said everything I wish to say about it elsewhere on the internet, so I shall maintain silence.

    Is anyone really surprised that the pros will be reluctant to go to Japan? I was assuming that the pros have different reasons to going to Worldcon than the fans, ie to network and connect with people, and not just for fun. And I would imagine that it might be a business expense for a publisher or editor to go to worldcon, and Japan is going to be a lot more expensive. So I am not that shocked.

  4. grahamsleight Says:

    Oh, sorry, it was news to me re Convoy.

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