I am making a list of those who are snickering, and even as I speak I am preparing appropriate retribution.

I should explain the blog title too, and the fact that we are not in fact a blog about cheese. (Though I note that we do now have tags including “cheese”, “eurovision”, “hott boys”, “knitting”, “lego”, and “sandwiches”. We are nothing if not catholic.) We derive our name from a practice instituted in President Jed Bartlet’s White House; in the spirit of President Andrew Jackson, we are here for any and all who are hungry bored on the internet. And, while we’re on the subject of The West Wing

BARTLET What you got today?

ZOEY I got Intro to Cinema and 19th Century Studies English literature, philosophy, and oceanography.

BARTLET How about math. Why aren’t you taking math?

ZOEY Cause I graduated High School.

BARTLET Wiseass all you want, but you’re coming of age in the 21st century. A century in which I promise you mathematics is going to play a starring role. On the other hand I would definitely put my shoulder into Intro to Cinema oceanography. Intro to Cinema Oceanography’s what got me where I am today.

ZOEY Did you call me over to make fun of me?

BARTLET That was going to be a big part of my day.


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