Ellison again

Did I fail to mention, I am 100% guilty as charged, and NO ONE should attempt to cobble up mitigating excuses for my behavior? As with everything else I REALLY DO (as opposed to the bullshit that is gossiped third-hand by dolts), I am responsible for my actions 100% and am prepared to shoulder all consequences, instead of shunting them off to Vice-President ScaryGuy.

Harlan Ellison has just posted an apology over That Incident on his message-board – see here (scroll down; no permalinks), or the main bit cut & pasted on PNH’s LiveJournal.

EDIT: Ed Champion remains Not Happy.

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2 Responses to “Ellison again”

  1. Tom Says:

    Why is this tagged ‘gender’?

    — tom

  2. grahamsleight Says:

    So it goes with the orginal post, which has the same tag. I didn’t tag the original post “slapfights” because that seemed a bit flippant to me given how angry I was; “gender” was the next most obvious one. (I suppose it should go under “conventions” too.

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