A lucky escape

I’m glad that some things just weren’t meant to be…

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5 Responses to “A lucky escape”

  1. Niall Says:

    “It spoils Doctor Who if we can see Rose… if we see as a concrete fact that her life continues to be as exciting without the Doctor,” he said.

    Well, that’s an interesting perspective …

  2. chance Says:

    Now if they would only cancel Torchwood we’d be all set.

  3. Niall Says:

    I think if they did that they’d get lynched by a mob of rampaging John Barrowman fans.

  4. truecatachresis Says:

    Well, we can’t have the Doctor’s women having Lives of their Own – that would be just terrible…

  5. nuttyxander Says:

    But his robot dog can?

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