You know what I’ve been missing?

Remember when David Truesdale used to make the Tangent newsgroup the best place for slapfights? Remember how he helped Karen Joy Fowler win a Nebula? Remember how sad we all were when he left the internets?

Guess what? He’s back!

For our online visitors, we are posting a column by Dave Truesdale, Off On a Tangent: F&SF Style.

In his first column he devotes himself to reviewing some columns by Alfred Bester which were published in F&SF in 1960-61.

Approximately halfway through his stint as F&SF Book Reviewer and already Bester has ticked off the fans, been reproached by his editor, and has missed a column altogether. Never mind his excellent insights into the craft of writing, his humorous suggestions to Blish and Sturgeon on how to improve their writing by becoming more human and less serious about sex, respectively, and his brilliant rant against most of the authors in the field.

(via jer)


2 Responses to “You know what I’ve been missing?”

  1. Martin Says:

    Pah, he’s not going to win back his title of King of the Internet SF Mentals from Thomas Disch with this sort of stuff!

  2. chance Says:

    Give him a couple of months! (I’m still hoping he will announce that he agrees with Bester that Girls can’t write action scenes in Part II. That should wake people up.)

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