Es war einmal…

Books I’m looking forward to that are nothing to do with genre: Richard Grant, Another Green World, a sort-of-WWII-love-story, due out from Knopf this autumn. And yes, the title does come from a Brian Eno album. Here’s Liz Hand evangelising for the book on the Nightshade discussion boards. (Full disclosure: she’s a friend, and she’s also given me the this-is-going-to-be-awesome spiel. So, you know, I may be biased.) Excerpt here, sample below:

Meanwhile there was a world to love: mountain lakes that shone black and bottomless like the eyes of a god; sunlight as hard as ice shards; slow-motion waterfalls; a tang of smoke in the upper air; pointed trees and naked, bronze-toned rock; and beyond, unrolling in yellow and green, the vast plain of Northern Europe, like a primed canvas on which generals painted their wars.

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  1. Tom Says:

    How odd, i was listening to the album a few tens of minutes ago. It’s alright, if you like that sort of thing; more fun but less bonkers than ‘Music for airports’.

    The title track is the theme tune to Arena or something off the telly.

    — tom

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