This amusement never ends

Via Ian McDonald’s LiveJournal, the mother-of-all-80s-videos-on-YouTube-list. A particular favorite: Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”, 20 years old and still packed with more ideas than the eye can take in. (As well as being possibly the filthiest song ever written.) And done entirely by hand – including by a very young Nick Park – no computers used, young people today wouldn’t believe you, grumble, wheeze, harrumph.

EDIT: “Sledgehammer” vid is also available from PG’s website in nice decent, uh, legitimate quality. Go here and click on “Audio/Video”.


One Response to “This amusement never ends”

  1. Maureen Kincaid Speller Says:

    Good grief, is ‘Sledgehammer’ really that old? It seems like only yesterday, dancing chickens and all. Though not, I have to say, among my favourite Gabriel songs. But thanks for the pointer to the website. I can now relieve the wild days of my obsession with his music.

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