“Ilchester?” “Quite staggeringly popular round these parts, sir.”

A commenter referred here by The Mumpsimus (thanks for the link, Matt!) expresses disappointment that this blog is not actually about cheese. Well, no; our self-imposed remit is “geeky stuff we happen to like”, and our name comes from…a thing. But may I suggest that those seeking cheese-related internet goodness look here, here, and, especially here?

(Which reminds me: proper blogroll coming Real Soon Now.)

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4 Responses to ““Ilchester?” “Quite staggeringly popular round these parts, sir.””

  1. chance Says:

    I had no idea the blog title was a west wing quote.

  2. Niall Says:

    Where on earth did you think it came from, then?

    P.S. Hasn’t Graham already used this subject line once?

  3. grahamsleight Says:


    *looks shady*

  4. Mira Says:

    Excellent site, blessings :)

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