Books of Mordegon

John Crowley, author of Little,Big, Engine Summer, and Aegypt, is planning a hack swiftly-written fantasy trilogy of at least seven volumes, and YOU TOO can provide him with ideas! The current state of play:

Polling everybody, I’m getting this – I start with Pirates of Mordegon, the story of Silverhoof, legendary lesbian unicorn pirate cheif(ess) and her crew of willowy girls, sailing their huge pirate ship (which is actually not a ship but a huge semi-comatose dragon, which awakes in a subsequent book), looting and pillaging in a South of the Border sea. Brief zoophiliac bit involving Silverhoof, a captured mare, and that horn. In the course of looting and pillaging a ship, the crew comes upon an orphan child – or finds one floating in a cask or casque – whose name, according to a mysterious bracelet/ring/necklace/birthmark is Bel Inconnu. He is raised by the crew of the Golden Coney (the dragon/ship) because the girls fall under his mysterious aura. But he grows up innocent and knowing nothing of Man. A disaster causes hm to be flung ashore in a tropical land ruled by a Dark Lord who lives in a lair hewn from the living rock, which is in the midst of a witch/werewolf civil war, but an aged/crippled/oneeyed/hunchbacked witch prohesies he will be the One who brings peace after many volumes of bloodshed.

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  1. hoggy Says:

    I prefer Penny Arcade’s version. Wikis make everything better.

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