And she kicks all the spammers

I know a bot
Her name is anna anna is her name
She can ban you
Ban you so hard
She cleans up our channel
I want to tell you that I know a bot

Hardly the most amazing lyrics, but somehow Boten Anna by Basshunter is a massive euro dance hit. Who’d have thought a love letter to an IRC bot would be so popular? Fortunately there is a subtitled music video to help us appreciate the lyrics all the better in the original Swedish.
Of course, it has been coming for some time what with Sash yelling “IRC!” in the middle of his hit Ecuador. Similarly of course there was the (sadly defunct) God Ate My Homework’s rather simple but classic tune I Saw Bill Gates On IRC. Though, Pirate This Song! had the excellent lyric

We are the music pirates
We sail the IRCs

IRC, the root of all great music (sharing).


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