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My personal tip on the Booker Longlist (mainly because I’ve read it and love it rather than attempting to mind-read the jury) is James Robertson’s The Testament Of Gideon Mack. Having done a little digging around the web to see if any good reviews or comments had popped up in the hours since the longlist announcement I found (partially buried) in the google results a site (partially referenced in the book if I recall) about the book.

As the site, much like the book treats these as real and (dare I say it) speculative (perhaps shall we say fictional?) events there’s a lot of entertaining made-upery going on (remind me not to make up words close to midnight), however I’d implore you to read some of these reviews and then maybe consider reading it, because it’s easily the best ((Scottish))[1] novel I’ve read all year.

Shame Irvine Welsh feels he has to be down on genre writing. Also a shame that good as the UK cover was, it’s not quite as knock you down simple and great as the US one. Of course the US edition won’t be out until March.

[1] Yes, Niall – it is tempting to wade in on this debate… for me the Scottish-ness of this book is undeniable and unimportant to my pimping it here, hence the double brackets for effect.


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