Where were you in ’96?

Ah, 1996 – back when the internets were young. Do we remember what it looked like? Do we remember how horrible it was? Is there going to be a link to remind us? Yes, yes there is.

Your first instinct will be to repeatedly jab a pinecone in your eyes, but please try to understand Pepsi’s mindset. First, they were almost definitely drunk. Secondly, they knew that the internet was in some way related to computers, so the idea was to make their website very evocative of a computer. I’m not convinced they understood what a computer was, but when they closed their eyes and thought about computers, this monstrosity is what popped into their drunken heads.

Don’t worry – it’s not all bad:

In 1996, while most companies were still figuring out how to properly scan their company logo so that it didn’t look like a joke, Lego had discovered the key to web design, which is that randomly strewing little Lego men around one’s website is hilarious and engaging.


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