Science is beautiful

The Wellcome Trust Biomedical Image Awards 2006: 26 award-winning images of science. My favourites are the aspirin crystals, but mucous globules have never looked so pretty.


3 Responses to “Science is beautiful”

  1. Archaeoastronomy » Seen Elsewhere Says:

    […] Liz at the Big Blog of Cheese, points to the Biomedical Image Awards. She’s right the aspirin crystals are beautiful. There’s also a photo of a creature thought to be responsible for around half the deaths of all humans that have ever lived. The creature is obvious when you give it some thought. […]

  2. Tom Says:

    Not quite so impressive, but i refer you to the UCL graduate school’s Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research competition of 2005/6. Which i entered but due to a BLATANT STITCH-UP did not win.

    — tom

    (PS to Liz – the location in picture 0 looks strangely familiar …)

  3. Liz Says:

    Tom: Picture 0? Which one is that?

    Also, nice fibroblasts.

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