It’s just like that Far Side strip

What reviewers write:

That’s not the biggest problem, though. The biggest problem is that the last paragraph is missing. This isn’t a device as in, say, Frank R. Stockton’s “The Lady or the Tiger,” where the ending is purposefully left in the air. In “The Last Reef,” there is no doubt what the characters are going to do. There is some doubt about how it will turn out, but that’s really beyond the scope of this story. No, all the story needs is one more paragraph, or just one more sentence even, to complete its flow and land the reader safely on the other side. Instead, we are dropped rather suddenly into the author’s bio.

What magazine editors read:

This assumes, dear IZ readers, that you are all morons, as you are all too thick to see how it ends.
The IZ editorial team, however, assumes that our readership is intelligent, and doesn’t need to be spoonfed everything.


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