Fans from hell

Exhibit A: Colleen Doran goes to the Creation-run LotR convention, ELF and meets the LotR fan from hell.

She stood behind Billy and would work herself up into a little dance of glee in her Billy zone. She would kind of giggle to herself, bob up and down, and then she would lift her hands and wiggle her fingers like she was about to play a piano.

This was a cue that at any moment, she would TOUCH the WONDER that is BILLY BOYD’S BACK! Most women wouldn’t be induced to orgasm by this, but she would tremble with glee each time. She would make these little claw hand shapes, and then she would rake her hands down Billy’s back to get his attention. She looked like a cat arranging sand in her litter box.

And the Observer sends a reporter to Lumos 2006, the Harry Potter convention. Apart from the usual boggling when the mainstream reporter meets a slash fic writer and can’t understand why anyone would want to sit and discuss the works of JK Rowling for a weekend, there’s some more interesting thoughts, and a pretty positive outcome:

And, well, actually, it is. It’s all amazing. And seeing anybody, let alone 1,200 people enthused with joy about anything is really quite uplifting. And not just anything. Books! It makes my girlish, swotty heart swell with pride.

(both via fandom_lounge)


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