“The conference is three-quarters male and 90% white, with the other 9.9% being of Asian extraction.”

First-order Wikipedia journalism: The New Yorker does a calm, sane, balanced piece about it for folks who’ve never heard of it before. Sample:

[Jimbo] Wales is fond of citing a 1962 proclamation by Charles Van Doren, who later became an editor at Britannica. Van Doren believed that the traditional encyclopedia was defunct. It had grown by accretion rather than by design; it had sacrificed artful synthesis to plodding convention; it looked backward. “Because the world is radically new, the ideal encyclopedia should be radical, too,” Van Doren wrote. “It should stop being safe—in politics, in philosophy, in science.”

(That’d be the same Charles Van Doren immortalised in Robert Redford’s Quiz Show, right?)

Second-order Wikipedia journalism: Gary Younge of The Guardian goes to the Wikimania conference at Harvard Law School and discovers “Wiki-crack”. Sample:

“I got into it when my marriage collapsed,” says Brian Corr, confirming the view of many that those most devoted to the internet are those with too much time on their hands. Back then he was the chairman of the mediation committee. “I used to do three or four hours a day then. But I’m in a relationship now and I have a kid. So I just do about two hours a week. I just don’t have time to do more but now I’ve been to Wikimania, I might try and find time. It really is like a drug. It’s challenging to do it moderately.”

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One Response to ““The conference is three-quarters male and 90% white, with the other 9.9% being of Asian extraction.””

  1. chance Says:

    I almost wrote this same blog post today. (With the Guardian article replaced by a similar one from the Boston Globe.) As I just told Niall – OMG I am so Graham.

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