Useful neologisms, #1293

From this week’s Savage Love:

In last week’s column you used the term Official Discussion, or OD, to describe the conversation where a couple sits down and discusses their couplehood. I’m writing to tell you that a good term for that conversation already exists: DTR, which stands for “define the relationship.” Usage: “I thought we were just going to hang out, but then she turned it into a DTR.” It can be a verb, too: “I need to DTR him and find out what’s what.”

This term is widespread at—are you ready for this?—Brigham Young University. I was surprised when I moved away to discover that the term isn’t widely used by everyone. It’s quite handy, and surely it doesn’t only apply to young heterosexual Mormons.

Abbreviations Are Awesome

I agree, AAA: DTR is in every way superior to OD. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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