Well, I’ll give him points for the name alone.

Since he’s been chased off LJ by fanfic Warren Ellis has clearly had too much time on his hands. From his Bad Signal mailing list and on his blog:

Who wants to be a Rocket Pirate?

Joey Manley talked me into curating a mass webcomics site. I’ve known Joey for getting on for six years now. It’s partly my fault that he got involved with comics at all. I suspect this is his revenge.

People who want to make webcomics are invited to submit their ideas to me for membership in the Rocket Pirates, a webcomics collective which will be housed at http://www.rocketpirates.com.

Click for a few more details, plus the usual threats of lung diseases and sexual services. It’ll launch Real Soon Now. God knows how good it’ll be but I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t turn up something interesting.


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